Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And the Best Taco in Media is.......................?

When people come up to me on the street and tell me they have a good recommendation for food, I listen.  When it happens frequently with the same eatery being mentioned, I really pay attention because I always have time to listen to those who have an enthusiastic story about Media - with food being the topic of discussion, that's even better.

Things are about to get interesting.....and delicious!  When it comes to Mexican food and more specifically tacos, there's some stiff competition here in the borough.  You have Diego's, Dos Gringo's, Ariano (Monday Nights), House, Koffee Corner, and or course the taco that made Media famous........Taco Tuesday at John's Grill.  I'm partial to John's Grill and the tacos they have, but at $0.60 a taco with all the fixings, they are in a league of their own.

However, there's one more group entering the taco battle who has quite the following of their own, and that's none other than 320 Market Cafe on State Street.  Heck, they could make a business on just their Pico De Gallo alone, but now I'm hearing they have an unbeatable Dining Under the Stars menu for Wednesday nights.

I don't make money from this site, so this isn't some paid advertisement.  However, if these tacos are as good as the people on the street have told me, and they haven't let me down yet, you'll want to get to 320 Market early to beat the rush.  I'll see you in line!

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  1. These tacos ROCK !!!!! Can not wait for tonight.