Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Important Community Notification of Police Activity in the area of Bowling Green.

Provided by Nether Providence Police via their Facebook page:

We have received several inquiries regarding the police activity this morning in the area of Surrey and Quaint in the Bowling Green section of the township. The police activity was as a result of a retail theft of $700 worth of cigarettes that were taken from a CVS store in Springfield Township. The Springfield Police provided a description of the subject and vehicle to the local area police departments. The Media Police spotted that vehicle and attempted to stop it and the vehicle fled from the police. The driver abandoned the vehicle on the corner of Quaint and Surrey and the subject was last seen running into a rear yard in the 100 block of Quaint Road. Several police departments from the area came to the scene and established a perimeter in an effort to locate the subject. A K-9 unit was called in to assist with the search. During the course of the search, police learned the identity of the suspect. After searching the area and not being able to locate the suspect, the police towed the suspect’s vehicle the search was called off by the originating agency. Several units remained in the area and about an hour later, the subject emerged in the 900 block of Surrey Road and was taken into custody.

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  1. They must have a great PIO. Do we? What's the $40,000 getting us?