Sunday, May 25, 2014

Media in Two Minutes - Memorial Day Weekend!

Media in Two Minutes
Memorial Day Weekend!

Delaware County Courthouse - Media, PA
Memorial Day Weekend 2014
I'd like to recognize the efforts of Media resident Jackie Heavens and the Media VFW  who diligently and with great pride makes sure all of Media's veterans memorials are decorated for Memorial Day.  They were out this weekend getting this important job done!  A special thanks to him and the Media VFW, our armed forces, police, fire, first responders, and most importantly, those who gave their lives for this country.  God Bless America!
Last Sunday of the Month - VFW Breakfast in Media
In the spirit of Memorial Day checkout what the Media VFW has to offer with their Sunday breakfast this morning (8:30 - 11:30am)  They'll be busy this weekend with the Memorial Day parade and their cook-out on Monday.

With Governor,  Tom Corbett in town on Monday for the parade, maybe he might swing down for a hotdog.

Penncrest Lacrosse is Going to the State Finals
Congratulation to the Penncrest Boys Lacrosse Team for their big win on Friday afternoon.  They have a lot of talent on this team, one of which is Dylan Protesto who went 15-for-17 on face-offs!

They'll face Bishop Shanahan on Wednesday for the first round of the state finals.

Penncrest Football in Action - Jonah Jackson
As a former teammate that played four years for Penncrest Football, I'm very proud of this program and the success the players have had on and off the field.  It's the only sport where I truly Iearned the importance of getting back up after being knocked down.

Earlier this week I mentioned the great news about Penncrest Football player Jonah Jackson, who as a junior, has committed to playing for Rutgers University.  Here are highlights of him dominating the line of scrimmage.  Congratulations, Jonah!

Farm Fresh Fast Food!
Media restauranteur, Courtney Rozsas is opening up a new restaurant, as explained in her video below.  I haven't been yet to Courtney's latest eatery, but after seeing this video, it's on my short list.  I think it's a brilliant concept too: Farm Fresh Fast Food!

Olive Street Garage Damage Continues
Two more people reached out to me this week asking what to do about the damage done to their vehicles by the Olive Street garage.  That makes four people in the last month who have filed complaints.

Because Bob McMahon and Borough Council refuse to address the situation, or post signs warning of the hazards; here's a run-down of the steps people have been taking to get their vehicles fixed
  1. File an insurance claim.
  2. Call borough hall at 610-566-5210
  3. Explain the type of damage, time it occurred, place of residency and any pictures/video
  4. Make sure the borough's adjuster knows that you're aware that others have been compensated for this problem at Olive St. Garage. (I've heard that the borough adjuster has challenged people on whether the garage was a result of the damage, so be prepared.)
  5. Typically, the borough will cover your deductible, but I'm now hearing that at least one insurance company is going after the borough for the full cost of the damage, which typically runs over $1,000 per car.
No Trash Collection on Monday 5/26.  
Here's this week's schedule.

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  1. Ted do you know if Courtney is keeping Lotus open and/or is she still an owner of Lotus?