Saturday, June 14, 2014

Don't Make a Mess of Media!

Anyone who takes the time to do something good for this community is a story this town wants to hear about.  Here's one resident's view on the current trash issue.
Here is a good storyline for All Things Media:  Media, PA Everybody's Hometown..apparently everybody's trash can.  I took these photos while I was walking downtown within a short 5 block radius.  I was truly appalled by all the litter.  It's disgusting and there is absolutely no excuse since Media has a trash receptacle on on every corner.  Really people?'s just gross!!  Everyone is so concerned about preserving Glenn Providence Park, how about preserving a clean downtown and well maintained residential areas?  Litter creates disease and attracts rodents.

Thanks for your consideration.


  1. This post is 100% on point. There is no reason to litter around town. There are dozens of corner garbage cans around the borough; USE THEM!

  2. Most of it comes from the friendly courthouse "visitors" who take all the available free on-street parking during the week and dump their trash everywhere. Expand residential parking and give Media's finest the task of enforcing the litter laws.

  3. I'd like to know who throws his plastic liquor bottles up and down Jefferson St...

  4. I would like to know who drops their syringes and condoms in front of my house. I suspect people going to probation.

  5. I would like to know the last time a citation was even written for littering. By the looks of things probably not in years.

  6. This is a serious issue. Thanks Tedman for writing about it. It is disgusting that folks litter. Does it really take that much more of an effort to throw trash in a garbage can? Unless the littering laws ARE ENFORCED some folks won't care where they throw trash. Come on Media Police step it up and write tickets. DON'T MESS WITH MEDIA that program worked in Texas lets get it going here in our hometown.

    1. Tedman you should do a freedom of information application with the Boro to see the last time a ticket was written for littering.
      This could be a great way for the Boro to re-coup some of the money they blew on those stupid solar parking meters that don't work and need to be replaced.
      Ticket the litterers and fine them big money makes Media cleaner and richer!