Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's Official: Media's Iconic John's Grille is SOLD!

*** S O L D ***
This deal took a little longer than I expected, but it's done: John's Grille has been sold.  Before you go running to get one last look at Media's oldest neighborhood watering hole, it may not be as bad as you think.  The new owner, who currently owns a business in Media doesn't have many plans to make it any different from what it is now.  Yes, it may get cleaned up a bit and will have to satisfy local codes, but for the most part you shouldn't notice a big difference.

Upon learning this news, my first question to the new manager, who by the way is a well known guy in the area was, "Are you going to keep Taco Tuesday?!"  He had the best answer I could have hoped for, "Of course we will!"

What made this bar, also made Media and its great to see that continue.  Best of luck to the new owners and management!



  1. Hope he dones more than clean. This place is a dump.

    1. Please go elsewhere to drink you jerk...Johns doesnt need snobs like you...

  2. The bar has NOT changed hands yet, the Borough of Media had less than 5 things to be changed and 4 of them were within the apartments not the bar. John's is not a dump, it's a shot and beer bar, if you don't like it, there are at least 25 more bars and/or restaurants in Media, go to one of them! Don't talk trash!

  3. Johns is just as it should be. If you think its a dump, then go pay $80 for dinner at one of the gentrified yuppy places on State. I'll keep my $15 cheesesteak/beer buzz/juke box tab just how I like it. The only change I could hope for is adding a pool table and/or shuffle board table in the back room.

  4. Many a alcoholic has been born there! Hope the clean up is more than just cosmetic.

  5. Good Luck to the new owner.. remerber this is a small town ..