Friday, July 18, 2014

Media, Pa company ION Sport Juice exceeds their KickStarter Campaign!

This is a story I've been following closely since hearing about it a few weeks ago, which involved a small business here in Media called, ION Sport Juice.  What intrigued me about the effort was that they were producing a product right here in everyone's home town and was looking to the community to help fund their business plan.  

I liked the idea, but loved the opportunities this could provide for both the company and Media.  ION Sport Juice provided a concise business plan that was well positioned with a video on 

Economic investment in Media is often overlooked and not well communicated in terms of it's importance, but in this day, it's actually easy to spread the word to raise awareness and money for these companies.  Here's proof: ION Sport Juice did just that and this week exceeded their initial funding of $15,000 and their not done yet with a recent stretched goal to $20.000.

Nice work and congratulations to ION Sport Juice for reaching their initial funding goal and making Media a great place to start a business.

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