Friday, August 8, 2014

What is Very Intimate Theatre?

When I was approached and asked during Dining Under the Stars what I knew about Very Intimate Theater, I had no idea.  Never heard of it.

It is however, a very eloquent show that entails a one act and one actor production and will be debuting this Monday, August 11th at Azie restaurant in Media.  The all inclusive price per person is quite reasonable for dinner, drinks and a show.  It also includes a interesting make-up presentation by local business, Deja Vu Salon.

Two things I like about this and why I'll be attending.  1) It's a neat concept for an otherwise slow night in Media.  I appreciate a good production and I hear this is put together quite well.  2) It's nice to see people in the community, restaurants and businesses working together to benefit one another. 


  1. Just what I like- a chance to participate in an intimate performance while I eat! I suspect this performance won't even make it to Hedgerow, although perhaps Rose Tree Park will put it on.

  2. Media's version of the Phila. Fringe Festival!

  3. I don't know about this intimate theater thing, but what happened to Maggie Hook's? People want to know!