Thursday, August 7, 2014

What restauranteur Steven Starr said about Philly this week, is true for Media, Pa too!

What I've been recently referring to as 'Media's Food Court,' is essentially an observation I see developing in Media, PA with restaurants dominating over retail on State Street.  However, it may be an observation that other town's and cities are making about their own small business climates.  In this week's Philadelphia Business Journal, Stephen Starr, of all people made the following comment about the situation he sees in Philadelphia. 
"The mayor and city council needs to get serious about this, or hire people that know how to do it. You can’t go on restaurants alone — it’s not enough. You can’t have a city that just has … you come from the suburbs, eat and then leave. We need other things, and other projects." Philadelphia Business Journal, Aug 4th 2014 - Stephen Starr talks Philadelphia schools, struggling retail and new locations on the horizon
I like Stephen Starr, his vision and work speaks for itself; but you don't have to be a restaurant mogul to see what's going on.  I made a similar comment back in March, along with an initial recommendation regarding what I would do immediately.  
"That's why Media doesn't get it.  And if they did, they'd be actively seeking someone like this to make borough events POP!  Then again, when you have a group that has to take a vote to mail a letter, well, I may just be fooling myself to think there will be any real, measurable progress for the town." 

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 ATM Media in Two MInutes (March 2014) 


  1. Start by powerwashing the streets that are trashed by hordes dining under stars

  2. Several years ago I cringed when the owner of Koffee Korner gushed that she hoped Media would become "just like Manayunk" Well, we're just about there. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Retail is struggling everywhere so adding traditional stores isn't going to work. Co-op stores, sponsored and developed by the town and operated by volunteers or limited paid staff, could potentially create the desirable eclectic retail environment people seek; artists, bakeries, home goods, electronics, etc. That scenario would eliminate independent store owners relying on a profit to survive.

    Speaking of DUTS-- those plastic yellow blockades are a real eye sore. Thumb down to that.

  4. A rec center with inexpensive movies, pool tables, and other activities would be cool. Pay to play and also supported by memberships.

  5. Several retailers who closed in the last five years cited high rent as a prime reason.

    1. Right- a camera store, a great hardware store, and a sporting goods shop- all long-time fixtures. I don't mind paying more in order to buy in town and not at a mall or big box store.

  6. Yeah, the retail rent is very high on State St. and that is why so many restaurants are taking over instead of retailers... the higher profit margin of food *cough* alcohol sales?

  7. I'd like to see a place like this in Media.