Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gubenetorial Candidate Tom Wolf and State Senate candidate John Kane campaigns throw people out at Media's Community Center

John Kane campaign gets inappropriate
It appears Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, Tom Wolf along with State Senatorial candidate, John Kane made a surprise visit in Media today to take part in the Planned Parenthood Rally at the Media Community Center.  Those who preferred not to sign up for the "free" event at the booth, but were looking for something to do between garage sales; were followed by campaign staff, questioned and physically forced to leave.  Even so far as to have the door slammed on them.

WHAT? Media residents thrown out of their own community center!


  1. Is that what all that BS was I saw...??? What a bunch of Horse BLEEP!

  2. Again? Kane did the same thing at a Springfield event I was at a few weeks ago. Bad dude.

  3. I was there too. It was around 1:30pm and Kane's staff were WAY out of line. I ended up leaving.