Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Media Borough Comments on Surviellance Cameras at September's (2014) meeting.

Surveillance Cameras on State Street Poorly explained.
Here's video of last week's borough council meeting about the proposed surveillance cameras to be installed on State Street.  It appears a protocol of procedures on how these cameras would work was passed around among borough council, but I've not found anywhere (i.e. where these are publicly viewable.  Not even a FAQ that further explains what, when, who, how long, etc,

If Borough Council is concerned, then why aren't they comprehensively outlining and presenting this information to the public.  When will the results of the Public Safety meeting be released and what were the questions discussed?

Lastly, the cost of this project was not discussed, which is another big, unexplained issue.


  1. Still waiting to gear about the Citizens Advisory Committee set up to discuss this. Precedent has been set with the 3rd st Citizens Committee. Why won't Council afford the concerned Citizens a voice? Could it be that none of the cameras will be pointed at their houses?

  2. Media, where even our politicians use Red Solo cups.

  3. On the superficial side - This is the first time I am seeing our representatives and they look a lot how I expected. That smug, know-it-all, who knows what is best for you look. It's amazing how much control is yielded to others in this part of the country and specifically Media.

  4. "Objections to camera placement may be made by calling the Chief of Police".... YEAH, RIGHT!