Sunday, September 28, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


VFW Monthly Breakfast Today!
It's the last Sunday of the month which means it's the VFW's Sunday breakfast.  Check out the best deal in town with all you can eat buffet including made to order omelets.   Adult $8, Kids $4 under 2 eat free.  11 Hilltop Road, Media PA  (8 to 11am)

Tiny Homes
Because people like clever ideas and affordable housing,  I include a few stories on a popular movement called "Tiny Homes"  They are also known as "backyard offices", but both combine ways to use space/housing efficiently.   Here's a home that even Oscar the Grouch would find impressive.  It's the world's tiniest home in a 6x6 dumpster.  

Penncrest Football Loses to Haverford
Recovering an on-sides kick in the fourth quarter was a start for a comeback, but there just wasn't enough time for the Lions football team to pull off a win last Friday night.  Penncrest went on to lose 24-14 against the Haverford Fords on Friday.

One neat feature with Penncrest games, is the ability to watch them live via a free service called High school Cube.  They broadcast most Penncrest games, not just football, in HD (720).  With announcers and different camera angles, it's a great service.

Dominic's Opens in Upper Providence
Dominic's Restaurant
If you're looking for hot roast beef sandwiches, and by that I mean something like Nick's roast beef, well, you have a new place to try.  Dominic's Roast Beef is open for business.  I haven't yet had a chance to try it, but the place looks nice.

A couple things:  1) Yes, this was the Dominic's that vacated the Granite Run Mall location and moved to Upper Providence.  2) This place is currently located where the former Upper Providence Grill was, and perhaps more importantly, where the original Casa Mano's restaurant was that was well liked by the community.

Was Houtman Park a Dump?
Interesting artifacts at Houtman Park
I swung down to see how the renovations were going for the Houtman park project and it looks like things are well underway.  What was interesting thought was a excavated ditch that had a number of glass bottle artifacts lying around its perimeter.  I also found dug up, what looked like a automobile steering assembly and a very old industrial tank.  

I'm not sure what the history is of Houtman park and why there may have been so many bottles and artifacts, but the heavy equipment on site is making progress.

Media Borough's 2014 Leaf Pick-up Schedule
Here are the dates for Media's leaf pick-up.  For those new to towm, you can leave leaf piles curbside and the borough's highway department will pick up free of charge.  Check the schedule to see when they come by your area.

It won't be long now until SLIGO of Media opens their second restaurant out at the Concordville Town Center.  Opening date is expected sometime in October and will include a much bigger facility than what's currently in Media.  Congrats to owner, Ed Lawlor and the Sligo team with their latest creation.  Sligo in Media is one of my favorites.  I look forward to seeing the new place.

Media Borough Council Mis-handles Surveillance Cameras
What is Media Borough Council doing?  They are certainly not paying attention to the community and the hundreds of comments scattered across many websites debating the proposed surveillance cameras.  Not until it was reported by the delcotimes did any of them step up and address, communicate or discuss this situation.  

I was told yesterday by a few people that the Public Safety commission has already begun to back pedal on the issue stating something to the affect "We don't make policy we just make recommendations."  Okay, so that translates to: Media Borough's already made up their mind, so expect surveillance cameras.

Apparently there is a public safety meeting tomorrow (Mon 9/29) to discuss the issue, but there's no information on  What's going on?

As for Mayor McMahon, he's not doing his job.  Here's mayor Tom Micozzie from Upper Darby using Facebook routinely to keep his community informed on important matters.


  1. This is what you get when you are apathetic about voting. ALL OF YOU COMPLAINING about how things are done here, BY NOT VOTING and voicing our opinion, this is what you get. A borough council who does what they want instead of listening to the town residents.

  2. You are absolutely right: you get what you vote for. But I think there is a point often missing from these argument (and this point is about those that do in fact vote, not those that don’t as you mention in your post): those of us that DID vote for the current council (in other words, those of us in the public majority) are not the ones complaining. We got just what we voted for and we are happy with the borough. Sure there are a few things that could be improved (I want a two way bridge over 3rd street NOW) and no, we don’t always agree 100 percent with their decisions just as (I assume if you were honestly self-reflecting) neither would you agree 100 percent with a republican lead council. I don’t think anyone should blindly agree 100 percent with any side. But we agree more often than we don’t. The point is, we are all participants in a democratic process, the foundational structure of how a citizen-led government is organized. We voted. The majority won. Advocated for your side in the next election. Participate in the process. Run for office. Support your candidates and galvanize your communicate. But don’t accuse us on the winning side of being blinded. Yes -- We got what we voted for. And we are happy with that.

    1. Anon 9:23 really you are happy that you voted for a slate that ran PREDOMINATELY on the promise to not re-open 3rd street as a two way street or at all. Almost all of the campaign hand out and mailers were anti re opening 3rd st. That's how they got a majority of there votes.

    2. Well said, anon 9:23. I would add that, having voted or not, the other part of one's civic opportunity and/or responsibility is to take an interest in issues and make their comments, requests, complaints and suggestions know to their elected officials and divil servants. One simple and effective way to do this is to show up at borough council meetings at borough Hall, 7:30 PM on the First and third Thursdays of the month. Public comment is welcome at the beginning and end of the meeting; third-Thursday meetings are televised live on channel 10 for Comcast subscribers and channel 42 for Verizon subscribers and archived on Youtube. Committee meetings are also open to the public and are posted on the borough website. You can also email the Mayor and Council and any department by sending your message to Mr. Smith will forward your comment as requested.

      Speak up, people, don't grumble!

  3. For more about Houtman Park- visit the Friends of Houtman Park Facebook page:

  4. Where is Houtman Park? Is there going to be a trail built?