Sunday, October 5, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


Food Festival Sunday
If food is your thing, then you'll have two events to choose from today.  There's the Media Food Festival on State Street (9am to 5pm), as well as the Taste of Greece event off of Middletown Road at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church (12pm to 8pm).  Truthfully, I have a hard time distinguishing the Media Food Festival from Super Sunday, and vice versa, but at one time it was Media's biggest event.  As for the Taste of Greece, I like the Ouzo slightly chilled.

320 Market Cafe has BIG PLANS for Jan 2015
I love everything about 320 MC, especially their tacos.  If you do too, then get ready for more of it.  It looks like the new place inside the Media Mall is coming along nicely with an expected opening in Jan 2015.  That'll be here in no time.

One aspect unique to this setup is that they'll have a multiple seating restaurant along with a store to purchase some of their well known items.  With a liquor license,  I suspect you'll be able to get growlers of beer too, as they have an excellent selection at their other store.  Here's a Facebook page showing their progress.

Heating: Gas vs. Oil
Gas vs. Oil Calculator
If you live in Media Borough and are considering the transition to natural gas from oil, here's what you need to know.  The estimate I received to have a gas line run to my house (I live on E 6th St) is about $1,800 including rebates. A 75,000 BTU with an efficiency rating of ~92% installed, is another $3,600.  I'm also having central air put in, so that's another $3,000.  That's about $8,400 for a complete conversion, which I suspect would be the average for a common twin home in Media.

But wait, there's a problem.  PECO has a waiting list of  over 700 people in the area looking to convert to gas.  They told me the earliest they could get to me was March 2015.

Dominic's Roast Beef
I like the restaurant setting, liked the roast beef sandwich I had, but gravy for the french fries looked and tasted like it was from a can/jar. Sandwiches are about $8.  I do though recommend giving it a try.

How could it be that a borough launch an online tool such as Public Stuff to help residents report issues they come across in the community and not even properly manage it?  Here's a list of many issues reported and submitted, but never accepted or completed by Media Borough Council after months.  Who knows if they even check it.   Maybe it's the same reason that nobody on council adequately presented to this town a comprehensive explanation addressing their concerns over surveillance cams.  Is anyone on borough council doing their jobs?


  1. TM ---- 6600 for the hvac (without the conversion to gas) seems like a bargain. Is this a conventional forced air system with all new ductwork? Who is the contractor?

  2. My current oil system is forced air, so the duct work is already done. My quote includes a 75,000 BUT gas furnace and AC compressor (central air) installed for $6,600. It's actually less than $6,000 but I also need to have the old oil tank removed (~$650). If interested I am using:

    Home Comfort Advisor
    HH Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
    3 Industrial Hwy
    Essington, PA 19029

    They are a delco family business that came highly recommended.