Sunday, November 2, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes
Hopefully, you're not reading this and realizing that the clocks were set back an hour this morning.  That might not blow you away, but the weather outside just might.  I'm actually surprised the electricity in Media hasn't bounced yet, although maybe it has for you.    Speaking of weather, November 12th of last year was the first sighting of snow in the area.  Nothing major, but it's that time that Winter seems to be getting close.

Media Rotary Halloween Food Drive - Success!
Last week marked the Halloween Food Drive for Media's Food Bank.  This was held at Stephen's on State Street and hosted by the Media Rotarians.  There was a great turn-out with a lot of food collected.  Nice event and glad to see people helping out the community.

Coming Soon - Greek Restaurant
You might say Media has Mediterranean cuisine covered with Dessert Rose restaurant on State Street, or perhaps stretching that argument with Ouzo at Jack's Tavern, but neither specifically define a Greek theme.  With a popular Greek festival each year, there's no doubt an interest in this type of food.

Well, if Greek food is you thing, you'll just have to wait a bit longer.  Last week a Greek restaurant applied for and was approved, a liquor license for a location between Media and the Granite Run Mall.  This will be a new place at an existing building near the clover leaf.  It won't be a bar, but will have the ability to server liquor during dinners.
Development proceeding at Edgemont and Jefferson Streets

Edgemont and Jefferson Town-homes
I'm not sure if they're trying to beat the colder weather, or if these things normally progress this quickly; but the development for the "vertical" town homes is on the move at Edgemont and Jefferson.  More has been done here in the last two month, then last two years which makes me believe these could be finished by early 2015, if not sooner. 

What a Crock - Meals to go!
I'll let you know how this one is.
If you're trying to manage your time and simplify day-to-day needs like cooking, What A Crock may be something you want to check out.  This business pre-packages meals to use in your crock pot.  Order what you want through their menu, pick-up and store in your freezer until you're ready.  You can view their menu here.

I drove over to Brookhaven yesterday to check it out and was quite impressed with how efficient the whole process was.  Soon they'll have the ability to order online and they even offer delivery.  Sit a cooler on your porch, setup a delivery, and you've just achieved a big time saver.

Where do I vote in Media, PA?
If you live in Media Borough, there are four locations where you can potentially vote based on your address: North, South, East and West.  Below our the boundaries of each voting precinct and the street address of the voting precints.

Polls open at 7am on Tuesday, November 4th and close at 8pm.

View Media, PA Borough Voting Precincts in a larger map

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