Monday, February 9, 2015

Granite Run Mall Update

At tonight's Middletown township meeting,  the Granite Run Mall project took an important step forward.   There are still preliminary plans to be formally submitted and zoning meetings/approvals to take place, but barring any major setbacks or delays, demolition of the mall section and the JCPenny building could conceivably begin as early as August or September of this year. At about that same time, the first phase of the proposed apartment building would also begin at the site of the former Chi-Chi's location.

One of the major hurdles of this project was the level of confidence the township had towards BET Development successfully leasing 388 apartments in a market where they hadn't existed before. At about $1,500 a month for one of these units, that was a major concern for many who were a bit leary as to whether the demographics could support these lease rates.  Well, it looks like that was adequately addressed, as it appears stipulations will be included in the approvals that won't allow for the second apartment building to be built until the first is satisfactorily occupied.

In addition, a good question was raised as to whether a hotel could be included within this project, but the developer pointed out that the interest wasn't there from a major hotel company.  Lastly,  a new branding campaign is underway to rename this project.  No nominations yet for the name of this new development, but the name Granite Run Mall is history.


  1. I just want to thank whoever writes this - I certainly don't have the patience to attend all these meetings and find out what is going on around here! Very interested in seeing how this all turns out. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. How 'bout:
    • Downtown Riddletown at Middletown
    • Piazza de Lima
    • Granite Ran Mills
    • Western Media Outlets
    • BFF Commons (Benjamin Franklin Fields)
    • Clover Leaf Exchange
    • Kwärē Center

  3. Brookhaven Heights.

  4. How about Lima Plaza.

  5. The Plaza at Granite Run seems classy enough.