Sunday, February 8, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Third Street Bridge Update:
Folks, this is going to take awhile before you can again drive across Third Street Bridge. Not nearly as long as the 20 years it took Media Borough Council to figure out what the word "re-establish" meant, but it will take a few years.

From what I understand engineering design plans need to be submitted to the state in 2015,  from there a Penndot will open the work up to bid which may take all of 2016.  After that construction may not begin until 2017.

February means new Restaurants in Media
In addition to this month's restaurant week, you also have two new places looking to open: Cafe 320 in their new place located at the Media Mall on State Street and Bittersweet cafe located around the corner on Orange St.  Eat up!

Also, in case you missed it, and it was pointed out to me that I did, check out this great video done by Fox 29 on the Ariano restaurant on Olive Street.  Well done. 

Santa Parade 2015
The Santa Parade committee has already had their first meeting of the year.  I know it's a little early to be discussing Christmas, but this group is well underway torwards making 2015 even better.  It's still being discussed, but it looks like the parade will be held again on Sunday this year.

Media Wawa Project 
I haven't heard a whole lot about the ongoing Wawa Project, but recently the owners retracted a needed variance that was scheduled to go in front of Media's Zoning board.  That being the last major hurdle needed for the project that I know of, leads me to believe the Wawa team cleverly maneuvered around a stop-gap many thought would be used to kill or severely thwart the project.  Time will tell, but it looks like the new Wawa has a better chance now of happening than ever.

Media 5 Miler is June 19, 2015
I had always thought the Media Recreation committee ran the Media 5 Miler, but that now doesn't seem to be the case.  Well then, who does?  I've reached out to the group via email to see if I can attend their next meeting.

Will Media Go to Pot?
I have to think with tail-winds developing to push the legalization of medical use marijuana in Pennsylvania, it's only a matter of time (maybe 5yrs?) that Media opens a dispensary.  State Senator, Tom McGarrigle just last week co-sponsored a bill moving medical marijuana forward.

I have no problem with it either way, but something I do think will become an interesting topic of discussion for Media.


  1. We need a dispensary in Media!!! Legalize it!!!! Decriminalizing it will be an innovative move for PA. And think of the coffee shops!

  2. ahh fuck it guns for everyone no laws....rape and pillage smoke drink snort and bang whoever lets turn into pacifists so Russia and china and invade us...hell mexico is killing us already. We have more important things then freaking pot to worry about. All you hipster, wanna be hippies need to grow up

    1. I think that's the point; we need to stop worrying about it. If you think pot is in the same class as "rape and pillage" then you you need to get some perspective; you're clearly listening too much to hype. Both sides of the issue need to lay off the hyperbole. The DEA still claims marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine and meth. REALLY? Advocates say it's less harmful than tobacco, but I don't believe them either. For that matter why is Tobacco still legal? THAT's some dangerous junk.

      I just want to see a factual honest debate of the pros and cons, but I think the fact that Colorado has so far not fallen into a state of lawless debauchery is telling.

    2. You must be fun at parties

    3. Seriously! I see it as a way to boost the economy and even use hemp oil as a fuel or cars and such. There are so many ways this could boost the economy and leave space in jail for real criminals. It is safer then cigarettes. It would be great for our community. I wonder if the dispensary will come first or will the Third St bridge get fixed first? 20 years ago, I never thought it would take so long to get that fixed and nothing has even been started yet.
      By the way, I'm fun at parties!

  3. I wander if Wawa is working on its dispensary biz model...