Sunday, May 3, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Kudos to Middletown Township
Almost everywhere you look commercial development is booming in Delaware County.  Whether it's residential developments, new town squares or just land being cleared and sold, it seems like we're running out of open space.  I was at an event last week and was thrilled to hear the Middletown Township has actively worked over the years to preserve 600 acres as protected open space.  A nice example other local municipalities should follow.

Media's Dining Under the Stars Starts this Wednesday
Looks like the nicer weather arrived just in time for the kick-off of this year's dining under the stars.

Pinocchio's turns 60
Get ready for a big celebration as Media's own Pinocchio's turns 60.  They'll be rolling back prices too in honor of the birthday.

Front Street Fountain
Many were disappointed when they learned the closing of the kid-friendly Front Street Fountain restaurant early this month.  I was too having at one time declared their creamsicle milkshake the best in the world.  No word yet on what's happening with the building.

Rose Tree Park Summer Concert Series
It's only a sneak peak, but it'll give you what your looking for regarding this year's 2015 summer series line-up.  This is a great event that's grown in popularity over the years.

Jack's Tavern Charity Raffle
The charity raffle is off to a flying start.  Tickets are $5 and go towards a local cause.  Last month was Rose Tree Fire Company and this month it's Media Little League.  If you haven't been, Jack's Tavern has some of the best food at the most reasonable prices around.

MBA to hire and Event Coordinator
I haven't gotten through all of April's Borough Council meeting, but there was some contention regarding the need for the Media Business Authority to hire a event planner.  It was confusing on what the need was for, cost and job description.  Looks like borough council was too, as they sorta approved it for a month, but still wanted further detail on the position.

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