Monday, July 27, 2015

An End of an Era for the Old State Tavern - Good Luck, Andy!

A special Thanks to Andy for providing so many fond memories throughout the years at the Old State Tavern.  We wish him well and look forward to what the new management will have in store.

This brings up an interesting question though:  With Andy retiring, and Jerry from the Towne House doing the same a few weeks ago, who now holds the longest tenure as a Media area bartender?  We'll have to find's a impressive achievement.

Andy's last night at the Old State(crate) Tavern.


  1. My favorite memory of Andy is he would say to you want to do a shot? Your thinking he is buying me a shot when in reality you were buying him and anyone else nearby one.

  2. LOL My favorite and alot of people was the word "Babe" he used allllll the time. Used to work there in the 70 with Loretta a wonderful friend and Andy was a great boss and Mike and John were great to work with. Ya still look Good!!!!

  3. i'm a musician and have played there many times with different bands. i remember that when andy would call out to you, he would always say, 'hey babe'! we enjoyed playing there. i don't play in bars anymore but, have my cd called 'north of yesterday' on amazon, walmart, cd baby and many other sites. go online and listen to the 80's sound i got with this cd.