Thursday, July 30, 2015

Media's Bryn Mawr Running store will be relocating to the former Front Street Fountain Building.

Bryn Mawr Running will moving from State Street and occupying the lower half
of the former Front Street Fountain Building.
It was once the location of Media's most iconic sporting goods store, Bill Battey's.  It was then extensively remodeled, and for a brief time, became Benjamin's Family Market back in 2010.  After the market closed within a year, it became a well known family restaurant called Front Street Fountain that lasted until 2015.

Today marks a new era with Bryn Mawr Running Co moving into this location from their current store located on State Street.  This is a great company with exceptional experience on everything related to running and jogging.

A special thanks to Bryn Mawr Running for their re-commitment to Media borough and the growing community of joggers we have here in town.

What is soon to be the "former" Bryn Mawr Running Media location on State St.


  1. Does anyone know what is going into this space or the Art Store space?

  2. An Adult Bookstore is slated for Art store. The owner is excited to be on State Street and expects to be open during dining under the stars.

  3. Color me disappointed this wasn't resurrected as a new front street fountain.

  4. you don't mean adult book store as in rated XXX, do you?

  5. Adult Book Store!! Really! I know you are kidding about the grand opening during dining under the stars. I'm gullible so please tell me you are kidding about the whole thing