Sunday, August 2, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Being an exceptionally busy news week in Media, I took a few minutes to watch the sunrise and get back to writing Media in Two minutes.  I've been preoccupied this summer, so M2M has taken a back seat for the last few months.   So here it is, coming from  S/V Fulcrum on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Fire at Iron Hill Brewery
There was a pretty serious fire that took place on the rooftop of Media's Iron Hill Brewery last week.  As of today, the restaurant is still temporarily closed as announced on their website.

Robbery at Citizens Bank
Of all the 23 or so banks in Media, thieves seem to like Citizens Bank on Baltimore Ave the most. Last Monday marked the second time in a year this bank has been robbed.

Bryn Mawr Running moves to Old Bill Battey's Location.
Not only a great move, but a great recommitment to Media and the many runners we have in the community.  No date yet on when the new store will be opened, but I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Missing Picasso FOUND
Well, details are still sketchy on how it was recovered, but the missing Picasso has been returned to the Media Police.  I was interested in seeing the footage from the security cameras, but that never materialized for the public and I'm not sure why.

Delco Lager coming to Delco!
There's only two kinds of beer I drink: Guinness and free.  However, I may give the "All Weather" beer brewed by 2SP Brewing Company a try.  You'll be able to order it at select restaurant locations in the next few weeks.  As for picking up a case, you'll have to wait unti 2016.


  1. Missing Picasso FOUND. Seems that whomever took it has some connection to the powers that be around town.

  2. Picasso Contemplates Fate