Sunday, September 13, 2015

Media in Two Minutes - I'm back!

Media in Two Minutes - The NFL Kick-off Addition!

After what I'll call wind, water and the unknown, I'm back to my Media, PA routine which means ATM is back too.  I'm not sure if I've become a prepper or an environmentalist, but I certainly have gained some interesting knowledge about on a whole host of things this summer.  Solar power being one of them, which proved quite effective with some neat products currently available.  Heck, I even learned how to sew. Yes, sew!

I hope to do a blog on that stuff later in the year, with a lot of video of the Chesapeake and travels by boat to a lot of places many people don't get to see.

Back here in Media things don't seem to slow down too much. In fact, in late August one week there were 30,000 views of ATM.  I find that interesting as I typically don't spend more than 2 hours a week with this blog. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

Media's Halloween Parade?
It's listed on the website calendar for Saturday, 24th, but the caption says Sunday, 10/24.  Historically it's been on Saturday's.  Either way, it's from 11:30a to 1:30p.  Thanks for the reader who reached out about this.

Media Borough Third Street Bridge
Either update the neglected sign, or take it down.  I get contacted about this every month and it's doing nothing more than confusing people.

McKenzie's BrewPub
Because someone anonymously contacts me each week asking what brewpub was interested in the former Maggie Hook's site; your persistence has paid off.  From reports I've heard, McKenzie's BrewPub was interested, but the bank holding the property chose another group who is planning sushi restaurant of some sort.

Best Event of the Fall - Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance
This is by far the best event of the Fall season and perhaps one of the best car shows in the country. It's none other than theRadnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance There are events the whole weekend, but Sunday 9/13 is the main event from 9am to 4pm. Tickets $45.

Rose Tree Reserve
It probably has no bearing on whether someone chooses to move to Rose Tree Reserve located between Granite Run Mall and Media, but I thought it was nice to consider a playing field for their community.  That's pretty cool.

Media Old Timer "Sports Hall of Fame" Event this November
I'm hearing that the Penncrest Football team that ended Ridley's winning streak back in the 80's is looking to be honored at this year's Media Old Timer.  That ought to be one heck of a night that I know many will be looking forward to.

Media Youth Center Looks FANTASTIC
I've been looking at this picture all week because I can't get over how well this turned out.  Nice to see people taking the time to keep this iconic institution looking great.  I'd really like to know how much money was given to the Media Youth Center from the $5,000,000 bond the borough recently secured.

Missing Bike Rack?
Having written about it a few weeks ago, the "bike" bike rack still hasn't been re-mounted after its removal.  Not sure if it was setup somewhere else, but where could it have gone.
Where'd it go?

MallRats 2 and You
I had hoped a deal could have been reached to film the upcoming MallRats 2 at Granite Run Mall.  That's not going to be the case and it'll instead be filmed at Exton Mall starting January 2016.  However the executive producer did contact me last night to indicate that there might be some opportunities for local businesses to partake and/or invest in.  I'll keep you posted, but in the mean time I do hope we can get some Penncrest extras involved with this movie.  That would not only be awesome, but something I'd love to see happen.

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  1. Also worth noting:
    After an entire summer of every-now-and-then progress, the sidewalk project at Vernon and E. Jefferson has completed. Once Jefferson Square construction completes, Jefferson Street will have sidewalks on the North side from Providence Road to Orange Street. Whoo-Hoo for pedestrians!!