Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How much is Media changing? This list provides a good idea.


  1. This post is very misleading and disingenuous. John's changed hands because Jimmy Carney died and Fast and Fancy closed because the owner retired and her daughter didnt want to run it herself. I think The Plumstead is still owned and operated by Chuck...comments please?

    1. Agreed. This post implies that these businesses are being pushed out, that's not the case. No one is taking up the mantle. Now if Chipotles and Paneras start moving in, then we have a problem but that hasn't happened so far.

      Didn't La Forno close because the owners retired and the kids didn't want to take it over? Don't make business owners who have worked hard all their lives feel bad for cashing in on the thriving businesses they created to have a nice quite retirement.

      Maggie Hooks and the previous iteration called Generations was just a gross restaurant with bad service. I'm not surprised it's gone.

  2. 1. Townhouse: outdated and dark inside. Food, forgettable. Shame a PJ Whelihans couldnt scoop this up.
    2. Plumbstead: big loss, dark and outdated but in an awesome way. This hurts the most.
    4. Fast and Fancy may be gone but Bittersweet Kitchen and House are definitely better.
    5. Another deep loss. Very well run and great food. This one hurts.
    6. Maggie Hooks: this place sucked all around. How not to run a business. Good riddance. Absolute shame PJs or Barnabys couldnt scoop this.
    7. Was anyone ever in there?
    8. This place mediocre at best. Thank god the best restaurant in media took it over, Defabios.
    9. Watered down shots and great OSW's. Staple up there with The Plumbstead.
    10. La Forno: great pie in a 7-11 shell, always weirded me out. Felt like I could have ordered a slurpee with my large cheese
    Wheres the list of the new restaurants?

    1. LaForno closed, owner retired - went fishing!

  3. This graphic is rather misleading.

    1. Closing, original owners died and children do not want to continue the business made the local newspapers.
    2. Opened, changed hands no information of its closing other than previous blog posts on this blog.
    3. Opened, changed hands
    4. Gone
    5. Gone, Owners have young children and wanted more family time.
    6. Gone, Managed badly. past as Little Inn the owners died family took over and drove next business into the ground.
    7. Rented out to Dominics handcarved roast beef and Roast pork has been there for over a year.
    8. Rented out or sold to Difabios catering.
    9. Opening soon, change hands
    10. Owners retired.

  4. Don't miss a single one. Change is good. Nobody went broke except the Maggie hook owner who deserved it probably

  5. As Pinnochio's keeps on thriving. I remember when it first opened. Was a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership. Now I drive up from Florida for their pizza.

  6. The Towne House is an ICON .. this is the only restaurant in Media that has any type of class when serving their customers. Media has a lot of nice food establishments with good food .. but the servers need to take a few classes in service .

    What's a shame is Eli Kahon and his group does not see the potential for putting a fine restaurant where the Towne House is , and stepping up the notch a little . Something like the old Little Inn , Country House Inn .. after the TH closes the any other place of some kind of class is the Concordville Inn.

    1. Parc Bisto in Skippack and Spring Mill Cafe in Conshohocken are two restaurants that I immediately thought of when I heard that the TH was closing. These two restaurants are small, located in historic buildings, and their food and service is impeccable. If something like that moved to Media, I think it could do very well.

  7. Brick and Brew of Havertown leased the Plumstead. Dont know the time line for the change to occur.

  8. Brick and Brew of Havertown leased the Plumstead.

  9. I am very saddened to hear the Plumstead is sold. Especially, to a Brick and Brew.