Sunday, March 27, 2016

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes - Happy Easter

Artistic Photos and Paintings of Media
A special Thanks to Kath T. for the wonderful pictures she provides to me from time-to-time.  They are a Media favorite and the town loves them.  Also, I recently purchase a oil painting "West End Best Produce" from JKB.  The paintings of Media she does sell quick, but she said she'll have more soon.

What the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Line has to do with Media?
I'm not sure how many get to hear this, but if you live on the Northeast side of Media, you may hear the distance locomotive horns from the B&O rail line from time to time, or atleast I'm pretty sure it's that line.  Anyway, I've been quite fond of the subtle sound that these trains make in the early hours of the morning.  Perhaps you've heard them too.

Picasso "Sports Bar"
New Traffic Signal at Brooke and Balt. Ave
I haven't been to Picasso's Bar in years, but I was there for a get together last Friday.  For the most part the look and feel is pretty much the same, but there's definitely a new vibe there. That vibe being: enthusiasm.  I don't know what the exact plans are for the coming "Sports Bar" or if it'll be a new name,  but I can tell people are excited about it and I am too.

New Traffic Like at Brooke and Baltimore Ave.
Get ready for a new traffic signal to be placed somewhere around Brooke Street and Baltimore Avenue.  It looks like this may be happening in the next few months.

Fourth and Orange Streets - Finally!
I've been writing about this issue for 3 YEARS, yet it wasn't until recently that the matter was correctly addressed!  Actually, no!  It's be FOUR YEARS! This intersection isn't a four-way stop, it's a two-way that throws a lot of drivers off and has caused many accidents and even more near-misses.  When I wrote about it, and provided an example of how it should be handled, something was eventually done (years later).  However, the borough put signs across the street indicating that cross traffic doesn't stop, which was useless.  Now the issue is addressed much better by putting florescent signs just below the stop sign as illustrated in the picture.

"The biggest problem in this country (Delco, Media) is not a lack of growth, what we lack is productive growth." 
Productive Growth: Curbside Chat #4"The biggest problem in this country is not a lack of growth, what we lack is productive growth." This is the fourth video in our #CurbsideChat series, an eye-opening presentation explaining why cities of all kinds are struggling financially and how we can work to change things for the better, one block at a time. For more information, visit you to Johnny S. for additional footage.Music: Winter's End (Instrumental) by Deadwater, licensed through Marmoset Music.
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  1. There will probably still be accidents here as people in Media are too busy to read signs anymore, let alone stop at stop signs when they do see them.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out for my recent oil paintings of Media, Tedman. As much interest and "likes" as "Front Street Fountain" got on Facebook, the winning bidder was a collector who has purchased a few other paintings from me and lives in New York. Go figure--I swore someone local would have nabbed it.