Sunday, June 19, 2016

Media in Two Minutes - Happy Father's Day

Media in Two Minutes - Happy Father's Day

It's been awhile, but here's this week's Media in Two Minutes.   Why the absence of MtM over the last few months?  Well,  I've been traveling and involved with a few other projects that don't afford me the time to bang this out on Sunday morning.  Perhaps I'll get back into the swing of writing this segment after the Summer.

Ok, Let's Go!

What's the deal with restaurants openings on State St?
Remember, there's always a story behind the story and it's no different here in Media.  Here's what I've heard about the following restaurant coming to Media

Brick N Brew:  There's no doubt that there have been a few "bumps in the road" with getting this place opened.  It looks like things are working themselves out, but it'll be awhile.  I believe the optimistic assumption was that they'd be open by now, but I now hear it'll be closer towards the end of the Summer.  We'll see.
Hidalgo's Mexican Restaurant:  For as small of a place that this is, it seemed it wouldn't have taken very long to open this eatery up.  Well, it appears that there is a major issue with setting up the grill/oven and needed ventilation system for this business.  I'm not sure if a work-around has been decided, but this could take awhile (months).  They do have a Facebook page you might want to check out.
In the mean time, Jaco Taco has been doing a booming business since opening a few weeks ago.
Pairings Cigar Bar:  I'm looking forward to the opening of this place the most.  It's somewhat of a new concept for Media that I haven't seen before on State Street.  I also like the enthusiasm this group displays with their social media marketing.  I hearing this place will be open August, maybe sooner.

Biking in Media? 
I try to do what I can to advocate biking in Media, but I just don't see it catching on.  Even at the Media Train Station, there are typically more scooters parked than bicycles.  I'm not sure it it has to do with the topography of the town, traffic; or both.

What I wasn't aware of until a few weeks ago, is that bicycler's are required to adhere to the same laws a vehicles.  That means, they should stop at stop signs.  Makes sense to me, but I wasn't fully aware of that.

The Urbanization of Media, PA - Everybody's City
Whether political, economical, social or whatever; there are a lot of forces at work towards the urbanization of Media.  I call it urbanization, I'm sure there's a euphemism other's use to support the point.  In fact, there have been quiet discussions going on that entail longtime existing housing complexes being bought out by new management companies.  That shows how interested developers are to get a piece of Media and similar towns.   I don't like to get into the details, as it does freak people out, but you ask around and I"m sure what you hear may surprise you.

Anyway, there will be news regarding recent discussions that include bringing 24 luxury condos/apartments to State Street.  Truthfully, that concept has been on the table for nearly a decade, but now looks to be much more of a possibility.

I think what frustrates residents and businesses, is that there is no openly discussed vision for this town.  Or at least one that isn't communicated effectively.  Media's politicians are reactive to all this development, not proactive in explaining the reasons and affects these changes will have on Media and why.  They won't even tell you what they think, the'll just agree with your position.  Other than this site, what was really communicated about West End Flats or how about the site for the hotel?

As the urbanization of Media begins to pick up speed, you have two choices: accept what's at hand and learn to adapt to the changes (traffic, congestion, etc), or move.


  1. Don't forget in other restaurant news, Miss Marty's Deli closed. Wonder what will end up in that space? It's a great location.

  2. It seems there's also some effort afoot to improve the walkability of some of the sidewalks. The worst piece of sidewalk in town, on Front Street, is being redone now. Unfortunately the tree had to go too, maybe there will be a replacement... There are also a great many other places in town where sidewalk maintenance has been less than stellar. I see someone has sprayed silver paint on some of the more egregious trip hazards. I can only hope it's a prelude to repairs, and not just a "look out, this is a trip hazard."

  3. The rules in PA is that a bike may "roll" a stop sign if there are NO OTHER VEHICLES OR PEDESTRIANS IN SIGHT, but cars also do NOT have the right of way over bikes and must only pass on the left with 3' of space between bike and car. If those rules were actually followed by drivers, it would not be so terrifing to ride in Media.

  4. Maybe I am in the minority on this issue, but I think adding density to Media, in certain locations, is a good thing. If single family home are being bulldozed in mass, then that would be a different story.

    1. I completely agree with you about adding density. The way I see it, this is the natural result of community outreach and business expansion efforts or dubbing Media "Everyone's Hometown" - these combined forces compel people to move here. If that was never a part of the goal then why bother with so many branches of economic development in the first place? Tedman is right, a vision for the town really needs to be communicated.