Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In its Sixth Year, Media's Farmers Market falls on tough times. Options being considered for vendors.

In its sixth year, the Media Farmers Market has fallen on tough times. Considerations are underway to discuss other options to support vendors. One of which is to possibly merge or collaborate with the Media Business Authority.


  1. find better location with parking.

  2. Tedman the farmers market will die a slow death. The market managers never addressed the parking issue, alienated the local businesses and many of the vendors don't grow or make what they are selling. I would be surprised if 25% of the offerings are even organic. It is a shame that the leadership has totally ruined the farmers market concept.
    Media's market is the only one i've ever seen pizza and popcorn offered for sale. No doubt two of the healthiest parts of a well rounded organic diet.

  3. CVP is 100% accurate. Take a look at what Swarthmore does for their market on Saturdays... Much more organized. The timing is horrible too. I've spent more money than I care to admit on "grass fed" lamb chops only to cook them (which I've done hundreds of times) to find out they are the toughest piece of meat I've ever eaten. And i can buy local produce and fruit at acme and genitles for HALF the price.