Thursday, September 22, 2016

Media Borough concedes they don't know how to use radar display signs.

I first reported back in July the borough's use of radar display signs and the questions residents had on how they would be used.  It was a bit of a surprise that Media actually needed some kind of data measurement for speeding, when in fact it happens on every street anytime of the day.  This isn't a data/technical challenge but a lack of leadership problem.  Forget expediency to address the issue, this group continues to show an unprecedented ineptness.  Remember the solar parking meters on State Street?

Turns out, Media Borough purchased at least one of these radar display signs and has no idea how to operate it.  To my surprise they conceded that at July's borough council meeting.

As the video illustrates, Bob McMahon as a Mayor and head of public safety is a big part of the problem.   He's confused, unprepared and shows no interest in addressing the matter.  He can't even manage to deliver a report in a timely manner, let alone explain it.

As for not knowing the equipment and how to use it, that falls back to a borough council that has no oversight or accountability.  This is the same pattern this group has been exhibiting on a host of issues.  For years!

As I wrote back in July, Is this really the solution/expectation residents on 5th and 6th streets petitioned for regarding speeding?  Or is it, "Lets just hope residents see we attempted something, knowing that it does nothing to address the problem  maybe they'll just stop complaining."  It's now looking like the latter.  To date, there are ZERO results to show towards curbing speeding.

During the same month of July a Media resident was nearly killed at the intersection of Monroe and 6th street when a SUV ran a stop sign and totaled her car.  The impact was so great that the force pushed the car far enough she had to jump out of her moving vehicle.  She's still recovering to this day.

These types of accidents don't require analytical data gathering to substantiate they are REAL, it requires public officials committed to solving the problem and working with the police department to ensure the laws are enforced throughout the borough.


  1. The mayor or council don't seem to care about safety whether it be cars traveling in the borough or what will be gas mains underground in Lima

  2. We want a refund on this speed monitor
    We have paid staff. The private industry's solution is do more with less yet the borough wasted money on gardeners and speed senors