Friday, September 9, 2016

Media's first and only cigar bar is almost done. The grand opening of Pairings Cigar Bar is expected later this month.


  1. Are they going to sell lottery tickets ?
    Hello lucky


  2. This establishment permits smoking? (Only cigars) .....while other establishments do not permit any smoking. What a contradiction!!
    Media, this is disappointing. What is MEDIA becoming.......really it has already become known as the Bar, Bank and Brewery town. Not much for families.

    1. It's a cigar bar - so yes they allow smoking. The other establishments that don't allow it are not legally allowed to because of food service. And one of the breweries in your "not much for families" rant, Iron Hill, is consistently rated as one of the best family restaurants in the area.

      Maybe you were being sarcastic and I missed it.