Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Disappointing for our communities to see groups who portray to be a collective voice for safety, engaging in false claims and partisan politics. Chris Quinn for State Representative addresses false and misleading statements.

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  1. The bigger debate is highly hazardous liquids will be flowing through people's backyards - with the history of leaks, and without odorant added - this is different than our standard pipeline. You need to report on the realities of this. The reality of accidents are explosions. We know from HVL pipeline explosions in the past, including one outside Pittsburg last Spring -on an inspected pipeline - the force of these explosions create craters in the earth. Emergency responders are trained- however...during an active fire all you can do is "let it burn." So much for humanity in Delaware County and our state. Also check the reality of declining home values in affected areas. Complete disgrace - Again, do us all a favor and please report on these realities to help public awareness. Thank you.