Friday, November 4, 2016

The Rumors Were True! Trump considered Media, PA for his last campaign Rally!

Trump considered Media, PA for his last campaign Rally!

I've been through this enough to know that addressing the rumors I received today about a Trump visit  to Media just substantiates the fact that they may very well be real.  So, it was prudent to get the full details before commenting.  Nobody wants to hear conjecture - who's got time for that?

I was waiting for this to play out, but the rumors were indeed true.  Today the Trump campaign was actively seeking to visit Media, PA on either Sunday or Monday and even the day flip-flopped a few times.   Media was thought to be the best spot, but Ridley High School was also considered.  It mostly came down to operational logistics to pull something like this off.  And with just 48 hours to do it, it's a herculean task that takes around the clock management to make it happen.

However, It was close enough to happening that they even got down to the details of setting up metal detectors by the old Towne House Restaurant.  In addition, I heard a few calls were also made to local businesses by the secret service for preliminary security assessments.

As of 4pm today, the campaign pulled out and will most likely be in Scranton, PA for their last rally of a long and interesting presidential campaign.  Truthfully, Media would have been too small for a crowd typically drawn by Trump that could be as many as 15 to 20 thousand.  Either way, Pennsylvania may very well decide this presidential election.

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