Sunday, November 6, 2016

Media in Two Minutes - The Election

Media in Two Minutes - The Election

The Election Coverage Archives

What would it be without a little more election news leading up to one of the biggest decisions in modern day politics?  We've had voter fraud registration investigations, questioning of campaign finance submissions and a visit from Tiffany Trump to Media, Pa.  We even had Trump himself interested in wrapping up his campaign in Everybody's Hometown.  Wow, a busy week.

Truthfully, having worked for Clinton administration, I can say I've not been questioned or investigated.   It was always joked in D.C.: "Being indicted is nothing more than a career change." followed by a nervous laugh.  With a lot of opportunity and influence in an environment like that, it was also kidded: "Crime doesn't pay nearly as well as politics."  Not sure how much of a joke that one really was.

I worked on economic policy with the Dept. of Commerce and helped re-introduce something called ISTEA. (Not this ICE-T) I also, for reasons still unknown to me, had boxes full of M&M candies under my desk that were given out as snacks on Air Force One.  I don't know if they were there for temporary storage to be brought to the plane, or if they came from the plane.  Either-way we ate most of them and I'm willing to bet the small boxes meant for the trash. inadvertently went into the archive boxes(next to the trashcans) and can probably be found in the Library of Congress somewhere.  I may someday write about those stories, but back to Media in Two Minutes

**** BREAKING **** Gas line rupture due to car crashing into residential house causes evacuations this morning.

Pairings - Cigar Bar
I understand the concept, but can't say I've been to a real "Cigar Bar" until I stopped by Pairings on State Street yesterday.  The place is fantastic and tastefully done with a great layout and attention to detail.  It's a lounge of sorts where you can sit at the bar, order a drink and watch the game on their massively huge tvs, or hang out on the nicely appointed leather couches.  Cigar and accessory selection is top notch too.

I like it!  Can't wait to go back.

Leaf Pickup in Media Borough
It's peak leaf season and they are a fallin'. So what better time than to know the schedule of Media's leaf pick-up.

Turkey Drive - Expands
This gets bigger and bigger every year and now it's helping out a lot more people.  Make sure to stock up next time you're at the grocery store, as the GREAT MEDIA THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE IS NOV 14th.  We'll have a lot more on this later in the week.

Plumstead Inn
Yes, it's been many months since the Plumstead closed back in February 2016.  But that's not to say it still isn't missed.  It's not until now that we're on the cusp of the holiday season and competitive football; that people may agree that they enjoyed the Plumstead the most.  I'm one of them and don't know how I'll get through the season this year.


  1. I miss the Plumstead too. Brick n Brew is expensive and lacks the feeling the Plum had. I ordered a pizza and a few drinks and our tab was $70+. I miss the crowd, the Plum crowd is the best. We need a new plumstead