Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hallmark store on State Street in Media is closing

This location on State Street once dominated retails sales when it housed the state liquor store 12 years ago, since becoming a Hallmark store things haven't worked out as well.

This week a sign was posted that this store is going out of business.  No word yet on what will replace it, but judging from the square footage, this is one of the bigger storefront properties in Media.  Would Media be up for another restaurant?


  1. First the toy store - now this. It was becoming a family tradition to walk to Hallmark to get discounted ornaments after Christmas. No, I don't have the money or interest to open something other than a restaurant, but please, not another restaurant.

  2. Or another bank, or another nail salon or angrier ice cream shop

  3. Meant to type another not angrier