Sunday, January 22, 2017

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

I was away last week and wasn't able to write ATMpa.  This week I'm strapped for time and will have to make it short.  However, I did want to let everyone know that there will be some notable improvements coming to this blog in 2017.  More technology, more coverage, more investment in the community and maybe even a live discussion forum of some sort.  I wasn't aware of this until Google contacted me, but there's been over 2,000,000 views of this site.  They've even given me a special status to do some neat things, so that may come into play too.

All this happens as long as I have the time to do it and can have some fun.  2016 was a stellar year for my other project which didn't afford me to do much with ATMpa.  I expect to have more time in 2017, so we'll see.

The Penncrest Basketball Fundraiser is Back!
Yes, it's back, and it's one of my favorite events the community holds for Penncrest.  The Country Deli is also my favorite restaurant too, so I guess you can call it special.  Either way, it's a great value and a fantastic way to help out Penncrest.

Thieves make off with $14,000 by strong-arming person making ATM deposit in Media.
Not sure what to make of this robbery that occurred this week in Media.  Depositing an amount like this into an ATM isn't just a quick transaction.  In fact, it doesn't make much sense to make a cumbersome deposit like this, especially after-hours.  

Even if this crime is solved, it's unlikely we'll hear what happened unless the Daily Times covers an arrest or important development.  Of all the bank robberies that occurred in Media, I've never heard the outcomes as to whether they were solved or not. 

Delaware County Police Chief's Dinner 2017
An honor to attend Friday's Delaware County Police Chief's Dinner and support the work they do for our communities. Congratulation to Delaware County Council Chairman, Mario Civera Jr. who was chosen as the 2017 recipient of the William J. Widener lifetime achievement award for public service.

Thank you for the invite.

Iron Hill Brewery Has a Big Following
When I first learned that Iron Hill (Media) was closing for renovations a few weeks ago, it was a bigger deal than I thought.  People from all over were surprised by the news and wanted to get there before the changes started.  What can I say, people love Iron Hill Restaurant and Brewery and I do too.

My two cents:  1) I wish they would have included an option to open the windows up in the front of the building when the nice weather is here.  2) Bring back the $19.99 Prime Rib Dinner special on Sundays.  People loved it.

Either way, nice job by Iron Hill, the changes look fantastic.

Speeding and Roll-Throughs in Media.
How is it that Nether Providence can assess, strategize, develop a plan and communicate it via twitter to the public in an afternoon regarding speeding, when Media takes 9 months, radar displays,
petitions and no results?  There's a lot to this story.

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