Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tagine Moroccan Cuisine on State Street is closed for renovations

Having only been open for a few months, Tagine Restaurant on State Street is closed for renovations. A sign was seen in their storefront this morning (1/5/17).  No details giving on Tagine's Facebook page as to what the renovations will include or how long the restaurant will be closed for.


  1. A Moroccan restaurant that doesn't have a vegetarian option may need a little more than renovations to make it.

  2. That sounds like something broke suddenly or failed inspection.

    1. Does Media Borough Code Enforcment inspect these eateries, the state of PA, or third party ?

  3. Related... Did you know Iron Hill is planning to close for renovations on Jan 9?
    They sent a newsletter to the "King of the Hill" members saying they will be shut down for "an undisclosed amount of time." --Yes their email actually used that phrase.

  4. How many customers does a typical media eating establishment have to servce to pay Media Real Estate their monthly lease ?