Sunday, March 19, 2017

Media Borough Council complain Mayor McMahon is haphazard towards public safety discussions

It's evident by the Media Borough Council meetings viewable on Youtube, that Mayor Bob McMahon isn't respecting the position he holds or even able to get the job done.  Here's another video where he's unprepared.   In the January meeting he was again reprimanded over lack of communication and even called "Haphazard" regarding pubic safety discussions.

Speaking of which, it's almost been a year since residents from 5th and 6th streets signed petitions wanting enforcement of speeding and stop sign roll-throughs.  I attended the meeting first hand to see what would be accomplished.  Outside of a radar display sign the borough didn't know how to use, not one thing has been done towards these requests.  The mayor and Media Borough don't even discuss it anymore.


  1. Yes the mayor era needs to end
    The borough has no control over there own staff and no accountability towards its residents the mayor and the staff should have a fiduciary responsibility towards its residents

  2. Who is rolling through stop signs?The Mayor..more nanny state..