Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mediterranean Cuisine Never Looked So Good in Delaware County's Wine Country

If you ever travel the beautiful roads of Delaware County's wine country (aka Thornbury) there's one place you might want to check out.  Byrsa Bistro!

I've heard about this place for a few months now, but didn't think is was much more than a regular "Cafe" attached to the recently opened Orvis store in Glen Mills, PA.  While riding by a few weeks ago, I was intrigued enough to stop by.  While circling the parking lot I had second thoughts as I didn't want to get off my bike, take off my helmet and stop what was a great ride that day.  I'm glad I chose to stay and check it out.

Walking up the brick walkway I could tell this wasn't just a place for cheap coffee and $2 danishes, it was a whole lot more. A lot more than what I expected.  That's for sure.

Entering the patio area I could tell there had been some serious attention to detail creating the setting. Even more so when entering the main room.  It immediately reminded me of a Mediterranean-esque inn, which is what the Byrsa is trying to pull off, and does so authentically.

I sat down at the coffee bar and took in how elegantly laid out the place was.  With sectioned dining rooms and outdoor seating, it's much more than a cafe.  In fact, they serve brunch and are very well known for their dinners.  Being a BYOB, with plenty of parking and a fancy menu; it's definitely worth a try even for breakfast, lunch or brunch.

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