Thursday, March 30, 2017

Soon to-be-built Madison Ellis apartments in Newtown Square aren't any bargain either.

What's currently being listed at West End Flats isn't cheap, but a few miles down the road in Newtown Square, the to-be-built Madison Ellis apartments aren't any bargain either.  In fact, the prices are almost identical.

Madison Ellis will consist of 241 apartments within Ellis Preserve currently under construction.  With their new shopping center that'll have many nice restaurants and a soon to open Whole Foods, the dynamics between this development and the one in Media are a bit different.

Media has a closer proximity to region rail and a "main street" feel, while Madison Ellis has the convenience of a more modern, newer setup/layout.

Time will certainly tell how these developments do, but there's about to be a flood of 1bd, 1bath units going for north of $1,500 a month in the area.

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