Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Door-to-Door Canvassing in Media

It's door-to-door canvassing time in Media and today we logged another complaint in the area of 5th St.  Looks like NRG Energy, or one of the names they go by, is going to homes asking to provide free evaluations today.

Interesting enough, there is no announcement for this company on the borough website.  In addition, it would be nice if the site included why all of a sudden names are also included with the permits and what residents should do if they need to question a solicitor.

We've been doing these announcements for over a year and still, Media Borough Council can't get this updated correctly or effectively communicated.


  1. They were just on West Fifth as of 10 minutes ago. Can we see your old Peco bills to make sure you're not overpaying. It's nice that they care.....

  2. It's been asked before but what is the cost to get a soliicition permit in media borough ?

    1. See comment above in a electronic
      Connected world we live in today
      Door to door canvassing in a neighborhood with a large number of elderly people doesn't seem like good common sense.the risk reward isn't favorable

  3. What does it take to ban soliciting in the Borough -- I can't imagine there is a large swath of residents that support it and the Borough can't make that much off the permits, so why even allow it at all?

  4. I put a no soliciting sign next to my door. These energy guys won't take no for an answer.

  5. Media Borough pretends it's not an issue, but now they have included names, which I suspect are permit holders associated with the companies given the permits.

    It's very easy to address and communicate what's going on, much like I'm doing right now, as to why or why not permits are issued, but your elected officials choose to do nothing.

  6. Couldn't agree more they choose to also ignore residents and let others build Mcmayon McMansions

  7. Just because I said I that I put a no soliciting sign on my door you wouldn't post it ? Really Tedman?