Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why isn't speeding and roll-throughs at intersections discussed anymore? Why hasn't Media Borough Council done anything after residents signed petitions?

Were the radar display signs just a ploy to appease residents concerns over speeding?

After a year from when petitions were signed and meetings held to curb speeding and roll-throughs on borough streets, not one thing has been done to address the issue by Media Borough Council.  Residents on 6th Street who signed the petition have not even been updated by councilwoman Sayre Dixon, running for re-election, who lives on the same street!

After a year, it's quite apparent now that the radar speed signs initially displayed on a few streets were only really for show as borough council conceded they didn't even know how to use them.  Media has no problem purchasing a park from a borough employee within six weeks to put in a pocket park, but after a year has done nothing for safety on our streets.  At this point they are just pretending the problem doesn't exist.

Kevin Bower who is also up for re-election has not even lifted a finger or questioned the lack of leadership regarding public safety.  Did anyone on council think to ask the reasoning behind purchasing technology no one had any idea how to use?   Do they not see with their own eyes the speeding and neglect for coming to a full stop at intersections?  At virtually every street?

Residents chime in regarding today's posted (Twitter 5/10/17)


  1. These people on council are hopeless. We won't let our kids ride in the streets because of the speeding. SAD.

  2. I've said before that there should be speed bumps but clearly people care more about snow plows than speeding.

  3. I'm a traffic engineer and I can offer some insight. You can complain all you want but to separate public perception from actual traffic issues, someone is going to need to actually collect some data. Perhaps PennDOT District 6 Traffic Studies would better understand your specific perceived issues and have the staff to research actual crash history on 5th/6th/Monroe Streets.

    And I know you seem to think the electronic speed displays should have collected a ton of data, but I have to say in my experience I see those all the time used exactly as they were in Media, for 2-4 weeks in residential areas, sometimes in advance of some increased police presence but sometimes just to bring motorists' attention to their speeds and the speed limit. I've never seen output data from the units themselves. I can't say it's not possible, but speed studies are still typically done with an engineer holding a radar gun. If someone can identify some high-crash areas/intersections, maybe a speed study and stop-compliance study could be performed to determine the magnitude of those problems.

    Armed with actual data, location- and context-specific solutions could be proposed. Refreshing stop line and crosswalk striping where faded, increasing stop sign sizes or considering flashing beacons or improving advance warning where compliance is low, or, sure, increased enforcement but backed by real data of where the safety problems are.

    I'm all for safer streets, but endlessly blaming the Democrats on borough council for an issue seemingly best handled by law enforcement and the DOT doesn't seem like the answer.

    1. "I'm all for safer streets, but endlessly blaming the Democrats on borough council for an issue seemingly best handled by law enforcement and the DOT doesn't seem like the answer."


    2. I agree. I appreciate this blog for the news but it would have more credibility if it were more objective. I certainly don't support every action of this council, but at the same time I don't automatically conclude every action is always bad. A more objective blog also might look into the poor financial situation of the RTMSD brought about by the school board. But given the political makeup of that body there will likely be nothing critical said here, for everything they do must be good.

  4. Hey now, Anon 10:56 that goes against the narrative that everything council does = bad. Thank you for your well reasoned, educated response.

  5. traffic engineer it's a small town
    With small but reasonable expections
    All it takes is some leadership not more traffic studies I middle school kid with an excel spreadsheet could create valid data

  6. Bumper sticker magnets should be handed out to residents that read.
    "Media residents obey speed limits"
    Or even some of those nifty lawn signs.
    Drive like YOUR kids live here.
    I drive this boro extensively and realize there are bad drivers but for the most part people drive lawfully.
    One bad driver is one too many.