Monday, June 26, 2017

A Mayor Setting a Good Example

This is exactly how a mayor should be communicating with residents.  Unfortunately, it's not from Media's Mayor Bob McMahon, but good advice just the same.


  1. Can the mayor or Shade Tree Comission give Media Residents an update on what the Borouhh of Media Gardner has been doing
    What projects have been completed ? What upkeep has been completed and where ?

  2. Damnit! You'll blow our ill conceived narrative to hire a part time professional for $25 per/hr when everyone knew the highway department could have covered it.

    These pesky comments are really starting to make us look bad in the eyes of our progressive liberals. Enough!

  3. The mayor or sorry chief of police not the mayor gave an award to the young police officer who arrested Hugh Taussig Lux
    The media youth who pleaded guilty to
    Many crimes as a result of her excellent police work

  4. that must have been awkward. Taussing Lux was the tax collector and the mother works for the borough.

    1. Borough Treaurer and Borough Grant writer respectively

    2. Good thing Media Borough office employees don't have to abide by a code of conduct, there would likely be some impropriorities