Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Death by Debt - What Happened to Sears and will it affect the Granite Run Promenade location.

Sears made another announcement this week that it will be closing an additional 77 stores which include 16 Sears stores, 49 Kmart stores, and seven auto centers.  Sears merged with Kmart back in 2004 for $11B.  

The one store not on the list is the Granite Run Mall location, which is interesting as I have a feeling the new development happening at this location would be much better off if they store wasn't smack middle of the footprint.  

Time will tell what will happen to Sears/Kmart, but the Debt to Equity Ratio not only shows a solvency history but serious questions as to just how long this business can continue.

Here's a well done video on how Kmart/Sears fell from their once popular and profitable highs.

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  1. This entire project is dragging along. Seems like so little has been done given the amount of time that has gone by, at least from what you can tell driving by.