Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's turning out that Media Voters weren't told the whole story.

Media Voters Weren't Told the Whole Story

There's always a story behind the story and it's looking like the story we were told about the Democratic primary candidates running against one another wasn't really about scheduling conflicts or people not making up their minds to run.

The Media Democrats who chose not to endorse two incumbent members (Amy Johnson and Lisa Johnson) because they didn't make up their mind it time, wasn't exactly accurate.  Turns out the decision was much more involved and entailed a displeasure towards those who weren't giving much support towards public safety.

There were quite some hard feelings too during the primary in the southern precinct which had one candidate in tears.   Hard to believe that was over someone's indecision to run for office.


  1. No surprise. People are getting use to and fed up with their lies.

  2. Their lies are even lies. (((((IRONY)))))

  3. Tell us more about J squared contentious
    Run for office

  4. Residents are never told the whole story
    The borough solicitor and borough manager
    Appear to be paid quite well they shouldn't be constantly hiding in their offices and choosing who to ignore I've never seen a town where so many freedom of information requests have to filed

    1. They do whatever they want
      This is the problem with media borough officials

  5. In Media you don't have to be smart to be elected...just make sure that people voting for you are dumber than you are.