Friday, August 4, 2017

It's only been a week, but traffic not too bad after the opening of the new Media, PA Wawa

Wawa Traffic?
Not scientific by any means, but the daily observations made of the traffic situation around the newly opened Wawa have shown to be positive.  There hasn't been any noticeable bottlenecks caused by ingress and egress from the site even at the times we were there during the A.M. and P.M rush hours. 

It's only been one week since it's been open, and the issues at this intersection prior to the Wawa are still there, but it looks like the three separate entrances into the parking lot are providing a kind of load balancing.  The right-in/right-out access on Providence Road is also helping to mitigate people trying to make a left out of the Wawa. Cars exiting Starbucks which doesn't have this setup have been a problem when trying to make a left turn on Providence Road.

We will see how things progress over the next few months, but at this time things aren't showing to be any worse regarding traffic and the Wawa.

Media Hampton Inn Update
Things are well underway towards the construction of the Hampton Inn in Media, PA.  Here's video taken this week of what progress has been made.  

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  1. How have the residents being impacted by the Hampton inn been treated by media borough their was a resident who spoke up at the pocket park meeting and asked the borough of media to do about 8 things wonder how this person made out ?