Monday, October 9, 2017

Why hasn't Mayor McMahon done more for Media, PA?

When was the last time anyone heard something from Media's Mayor, Bob McMahon on anything?  Nothing about development, nothing about preservation, nothing about businesses in the borough....

The only thing we hear is how unprepared he is for meetings by borough council.


  1. Is the current mayor related to the Zommic and McMahon commercial real estate firm that is quite active in the Borough of Media ?

  2. Indeed. He has he made sure every square foot of property in the borough got developed by companies that aren't fair trade and that sell cigarettes and drugs

  3. Perhaps a survey monkey should sent out on the grade mayor macmahon would get on his term so far ?

  4. If the Mayor seems to consistently do such a poor job, that is judging by how you regularly negatively portray him in this blog, why do the residents of Media keep re-electing him? You either have a personal grudge against the Mayor, or you enjoy insulting the voting population of Media.

    1. What has the mayor done for media in conjunction with collecting a paycheck

  5. Maybe it's better residents don't hear from him what kind of salary does the mayor draw from taxpayers ? Certainly he is compensated enough that he should spend some time in advance preparing for meetings ? Does the mayor have office hours ? Can anyone sit down with the mayor and discuss everyday life matters of media ?
    Seems like he is an enigma to most residents ?

  6. He has instituted
    laissez faire But only if there is commonality of interests i.e. BLCC and the haressment they're receiving