Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More natural gas to transverse Delco

Everyone knows about the ME2 pipeline, some may know about the Texas Eastern pipeline (I grew up next to it) and also runs through Middletown township, but recent news of the Adelphia Pipeline is the first I've heard of it.

From what I understand the project is new, but the pipeline that terminates in Marcus Hook has been in the ground for years.  Back in November Talen Energy announced the sale of the Interstate Energy Company (pipeline) to Adelphia Gateway, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources for $189 million. 

The northern part of the pipeline (34 miles) was converted to natural gas from oil back in 1996.  The southern portion (50 miles) that goes through Delaware County to Marcus Hook will now be also converted to gas from oil. 

Philly.com covers the story here and it looks like there may be anticipated lawsuits over easements as outlined here.  Evidently, Adelphia is sending notifications to property owners and can researched here.

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  1. Does media borough have any easements in the path we might be able to buy another Pocket park