Thursday, April 5, 2018

FED UP with door-to-door soliciting and Media Borough Council

It wasn't too long after I posted this week's update on door-to-door canvassing that people started contacting me with their displeasure.  Well, one went as far as to go out and have made a magnetic  "no soliciting" sign made up.  Here's the picture I received.

When I asked if it was that bad, I got, "Yeah, it is."  "If the mayor can have one out front of his house, so can I."  The person went on to tell me it was around $20 to have made and was even considering selling them.


  1. The borough of media should hand them out free of charge
    What actual sales come out of these people banging on your door asking for money or selling vinyl siding these companies should gig workers not people disturbing you in your home

  2. The mayor does have his own parking spot at Cavanghs funeral home not sure why ?

  3. I bought a no soliciting sign at home depot and put in above my mailbox. My daughter said it looks like one of those bathroom signs. You know women/men but it has worked. No solicitors begging me to change my electric company or donate to whomever.

  4. Turn this use around and ATM has a real point. The Borough doesn't like to hear from residents and when they do there default position is do nothing or when it's immediately clear se action can or should be done- they treat you with contempt
    The solictors should access the borough off offices to get pulse of local gov't