Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Haven't heard of any sightings in Media, but some say coyotes have been spotted on occasion on the outskirts towards Newtown Square and Glen Mills, PA.


  1. Wow, 24 whole hours and not one mention of the how 3rd street bridge, wasted tax payer dollars, or liberals/right wing agendas might be causing coyotes to be walking around.

    1. Not sure but since we get nothing from local politicians on third street bridge it would be interesting to know what the new president elect the media rotary club has to say about the now shutdown roadway

  2. Actually...Media had reports of coyotes on West Street near the THIRD STREET BRIDGE several years ago. There are coyotes in Middletown and Edgemont Townships and they've been here ever since the state put them into Ridley Creek State Park about a decade ago in an attempt to cut down the deer population. They are often spotted along Barren Road near Penncrest High School at night.

  3. Lol. Certainly, the 3rd street bridge is not a coyote-friendly crossing. Maybe our animal rights friends should inform the Borough.