Sunday, August 12, 2018

Seven new homes coming to Jackson and Eighth Streets

This time last year I was told (corrected) that the sale of the Strine property did not include plans for six subdivisions.  Turns out that wasn't the case and will include subdivision homes, as many as seven.


  1. They're going to have a lot of buffering work to do with noise / light buffering for the existing neighbors mentioned in the article as well as managing all of the new storm water runoff created by developing that sloped lot.

  2. Wanda should have her lawyer take a Close look at this project many issues building into a side of a hill

  3. Wow, they look like beautiful homes! Although it would have been great to restore the original property, I feel fortunate to live in a town where there is such heavy interest to build homes of this value.

  4. Does the Borough ever consider the need for affordable housing? People are being priced right out of the market here in Media. Every new development seems to be focused on massive and expensive, just like the battleship at the West End.

    1. Media borough doesn't care about its residents they're interested in keeping the status quo and let the tax money keep rolling in
      Borough Codes we have none or at least a code officer who doesn't even know the borough codes proficiently and enforce with equity to all residents