Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Is biking in Media Borough safer from vehicle traffic now that bike sharrows have been installed?


  1. Were media borough tax dollars used to paint these "sharrows" symbols on the roads
    Where the road is actually shutdown by the courthouse I would say yes the roadway is safer between 3rd street and front street all other others no data to support any conclusion so $15k to paint symbols that are now wearing off in some areas- not worth it the money

    1. We should rename this site, allcomplaintsmedia because that is all I ever see on here. Frankly if this is all there is to whine about in this town, we do not have it that bad.

    2. If indeed it cost 15k to stencil sharrows symbols on media bourgh roadways it seems like a waste of taxpayer money
      Many of them are already wearing off
      And there is no way to prove the symbols are making it safer for bikes
      Not a complainant just an opinion that seems to upset perhaps the half dozen people you see riding a bike in media
      On a regular basis