Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It's been a year since its grand opening, but Media's latest Wawa has settled in nicely. Some have said it's even improved traffic?! What?


  1. As far as I understand, in 2015 Media required Wawa as part of the final land development plan to make improvements to the intersection to ease traffic congestion. One of these improvements required is a dual left turn lane from Providence Road on to Baltimore Pk. I am sure the traffic will get worse with the new building at 501 E. Baltimore Pike part of the Acme Shopping Center, where the drive through Starbucks and the proposed restaurant in the same building will be situated. I do not think that Media Borough required a traffic study. About the Wawa's agreement vis. the intersection, according to the Delco Times article of February 2016: "Traffic has always been a borough concern. The April 2015 final land development plan approval had 33 conditions which included a $290,000 commitment by Wawa for improvements for the heavily traveled intersection. Council had also requested an engineering strategy for both southbound lanes on Providence Road (Route 252) to allow left turns eastward onto Baltimore Avenue." I wonder where these "improvements" are????? How long will it be? ‘Super’ Wawa one step closer in Media - http://www.delcotimes.com/article/DC/20160221/NEWS/160229962

  2. Media borough doesn't have a track record of following up on anything or giving notice to residents on residential commercial construction
    You typically don't even get acknowledgement that a problem exist therefore they never have to do anything
    To date there is no clear path on 3rd street, olive street garage repairs and past repairs, nothing on the pocket park costs, no clear
    Progress on the master storm water plan
    And little explanation on all the empty stre fronts media borough is good at hiring consultants but never following through on details and proactive communication with residents seems like they want you to pay your taxes but resent you when you need them to do their jobs

    1. Why don't you go to the monthly Council meetings. Council president Brian Hall begs people in the audiennce to ask questions. It is a Pa. State law.

    2. Brian Hall is costing taxpayers dearly with his contempt of court status over 3rd street bridge litigation - so would you want to ask someone a question who is not trustworthy. We all saw how treated residents adjacent to the pocket park threatening to have them removed
      Because they got no notice of the meeting

  3. It would be nice if the borough would post agendas and meeting minutes so people would know what's going on. Very inconsistent, I find most of the time that neither is posted. It does seam to have gotten a little better.

    All of the 3rd street updates that I have seen are just copies of the engineers transmittal letters, pretty sad.

  4. The lack of documentation and communication is on purpose they don't want you the resident involved they just want your money they can't even send a letter to adjacent property owmers for
    Non-comforting property additions which is clearly spelled out in the ecode
    They don't want to hear from you-,the resident taxpayer all so they can do what they want for their friends the same problem happened with 3rd street bridge project placating Kent Davidson, Lisa johnson, and frank daly