Tuesday, April 16, 2019

After being "Fixed" in 2014 for ~$900,000, Olive Street Garage will need to be repaired again at almost $1,000,000. Lack of maintenance and repair cited as factors.

Media Borough Council spent ~$900,000 back in 2014 and didn't quite learn their lesson.  Based on the recent report by Structure Care on Olive Street Garage, almost $1,000,000 will be needed to repair it again, if it's not deemed a tear down upon favorable replacements costs.

I can't seem to find who signed off on the 2014 repair and what recourse was pursued for issues that soon surfaced two years later, but that might not matter.  Apparently, from the assessment below the new repairs are needed due to lack of ongoing maintenance, repairs and considerations towards snow removal activities.  Essentially, neglect.


  1. I can not. The amount of mismanagement the Borough Council has come to is unimaginable. I've lived in Ridley and Radnor, but Media Borough takes the cake for mismanagement.

    I rarely vote for Republicans, but I'll be voting for all of their candidates this year. Say what you want but that parking deck is a joke and their candidates are the only ones who actually give a damn about the parking deck.

  2. Mismanagement run amok. This is why no one should ever give a single political organization all the power. This town was run better when there were a few Republicans on the council that helped bring consensus.

  3. More of the same BS. There was no request for proposals advertised on the borough website for the above mentioned report. Pretty obvious the garage is in need of repair, what good does this report do beside state the obvious. Do we know what the report cost?

    A responsible council would have advertised for proposals for QUALIFIED engineering company to inspect and prepare plans for the repairs of the garage. They would have selected the best qualified engineer. Solicited funds or grants for the repairs and then advertised for bids to repair the garage based on the engineers plans. The projected would require a qualified and bonded contractor that would have warrantied the work.

    So much wasted borough tax payer money!

    1. VOTE REPUBLICAN for Borough Council! Writing in Michael Straw and Jessica Paine in the Democratic primary and voting for them in the general!

    2. They have been doing this for years! Screw Borough Council.

  4. The Borough engineer claims the parking deck is "structurally sound."


  5. I'll say it AGAIN

    Hey ho Hey ho Brian Hall has got to go!

  6. Media Borough council is a disgrace. If you lit money on fire it'd be more productive, at least you'd get a bonfire out of it! They have no care to help the people of the Borough, they just want to line up the pockets of the friends that elect them.