Tuesday, May 21, 2019

US Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon representing Delaware County calls for impeachment inquiry. “The time has come to start an impeachment inquiry because the American people deserve to know the truth and to have the opportunity to judge the gravity of the evidence and charges leveled against the president.”


  1. This woman is so out of touch it's shocking. More wasted taxpayer $

  2. Good. There is clearly an impeachable level of obstruction taking place.

  3. Replies
    1. Tax cheat? Is there any question that the Obama administration had the IRS audit Trump’s tax returns and that if there was anything illegal it would have been leaked by now? There are plenty of examples of the Obama administration doing that to other advisories.

  4. How come she’s not helping her constituents! Has she seen what’s going on in some of school districts and neighborhoods she represents? Throwing a temper tantrum because they lost an election is pathetic.

    Clearly the dems have no solutions to offer when it comes to immigration, healthcare, crime, college loan debt (crisis they created), drug overdoses etc. otherwise they would be touting those ideas and could just replace the president in 2020. The economy is good to great and we are leading the world instead of apologizing to the world.